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Edge and Browser Cache TTL

​​ Edge Cache TTL

Edge Cache TTL (Time to Live) specifies how long to cache a resource in the Cloudflare edge network. Edge Cache TTL is not visible in response headers and the minimum Edge Cache TTL depends on plan type.




Minimum Edge Cache TTL

2 hours1 hour1 second1 second

For more information on creating page rules, see Create page rules.

​​ Browser Cache TTL

The Browser Cache TTL sets the expiration for resources cached in a visitor’s browser. By default, Cloudflare honors the cache expiration set in your Expires and Cache-Control headers but overrides those headers if:

  • The value of the Cache-Control header from the origin web server is less than the Browser Cache TTL Cloudflare setting.
  • The origin web server does not send a Cache-Control or an Expires header.

Unless specifically set in a page rule, Cloudflare does not override or insert Cache-Control headers if you set Browser Cache TTL to Respect Existing Headers.




Default Browser Cache TTL

4 hours4 hours4 hours4 hours

Minimum Browser Cache TTL

2 minutes2 minutes2 minutes30 seconds

For more information on setting the Browser Cache TTL, see Set Browser Cache TTL.