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Hyperdrive is free and included in every Workers Paid plan.

Hyperdrive is automatically enabled when subscribed to a Workers Paid plan, and does not require you to pay any additional fees to use. Hyperdrive’s connection pooling and query caching do not incur any additional charges, and there are no hidden limits other than those published.

​​ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions related to Hyperdrive pricing:

  • Does Hyperdrive charge for data transfer / egress?


Not at this time.

  • Are there any limits to Hyperdrive?

Refer to the published limits documentation.

  • Does Hyperdrive charge for additional compute?

Hyperdrive itself does not charge for compute (CPU) or processing (wall clock) time. Workers querying Hyperdrive and computing results: for example, serializing results into JSON and/or issuing queries, are billed per Workers pricing.