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Troubleshoot and debug

Troubleshoot and debug errors commonly associated with connecting to a database with Hyperdrive.

​​ Connection errors

When creating a new Hyperdrive configuration, or updating the connection parameters associated with an existing configuration, Hyperdrive performs a test connection to your database in the background before creating or updating the configuration.

Hyperdrive will also issue an empty test query, a ; in PostgreSQL, to validate that it can pass queries to your database.

Error CodeDetailsRecommended fixes
2008Bad hostname.Hyperdrive could not resolve the database hostname. Confirm it exists in public DNS.
2009The hostname does not resolve to a public IP address, or the IP address is not a public address.Hyperdrive can only connect to public IP addresses. Private IP addresses, like or, are not currently supported.
2010Cannot connect to the host:port.Hyperdrive could not route to the hostname: ensure it has a public DNS record that resolves to a public IP address. Check that the hostname is not misspelled.
2011Connection refused.A network firewall or access control list (ACL) is likely rejecting requests from Hyperdrive. Ensure you have allowed connections from the public Internet.
2012TLS (SSL) not supported by the database.Hyperdrive requires TLS (SSL) to connect. Configure TLS on your database.
2013Invalid database credentials.Ensure your username is correct (and exists), and the password is correct (case-sensitive).
2014The specified database name does not exist.Check that the database (not table) name you provided exists on the database you are asking Hyperdrive to connect to.
2015Generic error.Hyperdrive failed to connect and could not determine a reason. Open a support ticket so Cloudflare can investigate.
2016Test query failed.Confirm that the user Hyperdrive is connecting as has permissions to issue read and write queries to the given database.