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Durable Objects
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Cloudflare Durable Objects

Create collaborative applications, real-time chat, multiplayer games and more without needing to coordinate state or manage infrastructure.
Available on Paid plans

Durable Objects provide a powerful API for coordinating multiple clients or users, each with private, transactional and strongly consistent storage attached.

Use Durable Objects to build collaborative editing tools, interactive chat, multiplayer games and applications that need coordination among multiple clients, without requiring you to build serialization and coordination primitives on your own.

​​ Features

​​ In-memory state

Learn how Durable Objects coordinate connections among multiple clients or events.

​​ Transactional Storage API

Learn how Durable Objects provide strongly consistent, serializable key-value storage.

​​ WebSocket Hibernation

Learn how WebSocket Hibernation allows you to manage the connections of multiple clients at scale.

​​ Durable Objects Alarms

Learn how to use alarms to trigger a Durable Object and perform compute in the future at customizable intervals.

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