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Add a third-party tool

You can add new third-party tools and load them into your website through the Cloudflare dashboard. If your tool needs more than a simple Pageview event to trigger it, create the trigger you need first.

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard, and select your account and website.

  2. Click Zaraz.

  3. From Third-party tools, click Add new tool.

  4. Choose a tool from the tools library page and click Continue to confirm your selection.

  5. In Set up, configure the settings for your new tool. The information you need to enter will depend on the tool you choose.

  6. Click Save.

Your tool is now configured. Cloudflare Zaraz automatically creates the Pageview event that will load the tool into your website when the conditions you set are met.

From this page you can configure the tool's Settings or add additional events by clicking Create event. You can also edit the events listed by clicking their names.

Click Third-party list to go back to the main Cloudflare Zaraz page. Here you will see your tool listed under Third-party tools, and the name of the event associated with it. In this page you can also click the Active toggle to enable or disable your tool, Edit your tool, or Delete your tool.