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Zaraz event and system properties

Cloudflare Zaraz offers event and system properties that you can use when configuring the product. They are helpful to send data to a third-party tool or to create triggers as they have context about a specific user’s browser session and the actions they take on the website. Below is a list of event and system properties, how can you access them, and their values:

​​ System properties

{{ }}StringReturns the value of a URL query parameter. Replace QUERY_PARAM with the name of your parameter.
{{ }}StringReturns the page title.
{{ }}StringReturns search parameters provided, beginning with the leading ? character.
{{ }}StringReturns the path of the URL, including the initial /. Does not include the query string or fragment.
{{ }}StringReturns the port number of the URL.
{{ }}StringReturns the domain of the URL.
{{ }}StringReturns the domain (that is the hostname) followed by a : and the port of the URL (if a port was specified).
{{ }}StringReturns the password specified before the domain name.
{{ }}StringReturns the username specified before the domain name.
{{ }}StringReturns the protocol scheme of the URL, including the final :.
{{ }}StringReturns the origin of the URL, that is its scheme, its domain and its port.
{{ }}StringReturns a string containing the entire URL
{{ }}StringReturns the base domain part of the URL, without any subdomains.
{{ }}StringReturns the page referrer from document.referrer.
{{ }}StringReturns the document character encoding from document.characterSet.
{{ system.cookies.NAME_OF_COOKIE }}ObjectReturns cookies obtained from the browser document.
{{ system.device.ip }}StringReturns the incoming IP address.
{{ system.device.resolution }}StringReturns screen resolution for device.
{{ system.device.viewport }}StringReturns the visible web page area in user’s device.
{{ system.device.language }}StringReturns the language used.
{{ }}StringReturns the browser’s user agent.
{{ }}StringReturns the browser’s name.
{{ system.device.user-agent.browser.version }}StringReturns the browser’s version.
{{ }}StringReturns the type of browser engine (for example, WebKit).
{{ system.device.user-agent.engine.version }}StringReturns the version of the browser’s engine.
{{ }}StringReturns the operating system.
{{ system.device.user-agent.os.version }}StringReturns the version of the operating system.
{{ system.device.user-agent.device }}StringReturns the type of device used (for example, iPhone).
{{ system.device.user-agent.cpu }}StringReturns the device’s CPU.
{{ system.misc.random }}NumberReturns a random number unique to each request.
{{ system.misc.timestamp }}NumberReturns Unix time in seconds.
{{ system.misc.timestampMilliseconds }}NumberReturns Unix time in milliseconds.

​​ Event properties

{{ client.__zarazTrack }}StringReturns the name of the event sent using the Track method of the Web API. Refer to Zaraz Track for more information.
{{ client.<KEY_NAME> }}StringReturns the value of a zaraz.track() eventProperties key. The key can either be directly used in zaraz.track() or set using zaraz.set(). Replace <KEY_NAME> with the name of your key. Refer to Zaraz Track for more information.