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Magic WAN
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Get started

Before you can begin using Magic WAN, be sure to complete the onboarding steps below.

1. Scope your configuration

The onboarding process begins with an initial kickoff call where Cloudflare engages with your organization to confirm the scope and timeline for setting up Magic WAN.

After your call with Cloudflare, verify that you meet the onboarding requirements.

2. Configure tunnels

Cloudflare sets up Anycast tunnels for Magic WAN based on the configuration details you provide. This process usually takes about four days.

3. Run pre-flight checks

After Cloudflare stages the tunnels, Cloudflare validates tunnel connectivity, the Letter of Authorization (LOA) is signed, and the announcement date is set.

4. Go live

During this step, provide Cloudflare with the LOA for your prefixes and the exchange GRE tunnel information. During this call, you should also review your Firewall configuration.

5. Monitor and tune configuration