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Configure with Magic WAN Connector

The Magic WAN Connector is a lightweight appliance you can install in corporate network locations to automatically connect, steer, and shape any IP traffic through secure IPsec tunnels. Magic WAN Connector is the easiest way to onboard your network locations to Cloudflare One.

You can purchase Magic WAN Connector software pre-installed on a Cloudflare-certified device, or download and deploy Virtual Magic WAN Connector (Virtual Connector) in your own infrastructure.

Either option ensures the best possible connectivity to the closest Cloudflare network location, where Cloudflare will apply security controls and send traffic on an optimized route to its destination.

Magic WAN Connector has the same type of support process as other Cloudflare Enterprise products. Contact your team account manager to learn more.

Review this section to learn how to configure and deploy Magic WAN Connector.