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Check for tunnel health in the dashboard

The Cloudflare dashboard monitors the health of all anycast tunnels on your account that route traffic from Cloudflare to your origin network.

The dashboard shows the view of tunnel health as measured from each Cloudflare location where your traffic is likely to land. If the tunnels are healthy on your side, you will see the majority of servers reporting an up status. It is normal for a subset of these locations to show tunnel status as degraded or unhealthy, since the Internet is not homogeneous and intermediary path issues between Cloudflare and your network can cause interruptions for specific paths.

Not all data centers will be relevant to you at all times. You can refer to the Average ingress traffic (last hour) column to understand if a given data center is receiving traffic for your network, and if its health status is relevant to you.

To check for anycast tunnel health:

  1. Go to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account.
  2. Go to Magic WAN > Tunnel health check.
  3. In Cloudflare colos, you can choose one or more Cloudflare data centers to filter out the traffic that shows up in your anycast tunnels. For example, if you chose the Lisbon data center, your anycast tunnels would only show connections to that data center.
  4. Below, you have a list of all your anycast tunnels, as well as their current health status. Find the tunnel you wish to inspect and select the arrow (>) before it to open its details.
  5. The details pane shows the connection status between different Cloudflare servers and your tunnel. Select Traceroute for details in one of the Cloudflare servers shown to check for issues between Cloudflare and your origin network.