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Magic WAN Site Analytics

Magic WAN Site Analytics provides an overview of the connectivity status and traffic analytics of all Magic WAN sites. Magic WAN Site Analytics is a great place to start if you receive a Magic WAN alert, need to begin the Magic WAN troubleshooting process, or are performing routine monitoring.

Magic WAN Site Analytics has the following data types available:

  • Geographic Map Summary
    • Aggregate Magic WAN Site Health
    • MWAN Site Geographic Location
  • Magic WAN Site Data Table
    • Site Name
    • Site Health
    • Site Tunnel Names
    • Site Tunnel Statuses
    • Site Traffic Sent
    • Site Traffic Received
  • Magic WAN Site Data
    • Traffic Sent by Tunnel
    • Traffic Received by Tunnel

To start using Magic WAN Site Analytics:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account.
  2. Select Magic WAN > Overview.
  3. You will have access to an overview map with all your active sites, and any alerts for sites that are unhealthy or have no status available to them.

​​ Configure Magic WAN Site Analytics

​​ Set geographic coordinates

When you create a site, you can set geographic coordinates in order for it to show on the Overview map. You can also add this information to sites you have already created. To add a Magic WAN site to the geographic map in the Overview page:

  1. Go to Magic WAN > Sites.
  2. Select a specific site > Edit.
  3. Scroll to Site Location.
  4. Set the latitude and longitude coordinates of the Magic WAN Site.
  5. Scroll down and select Save.
  6. The Magic WAN Site will now appear on the geographic map in the Overview page.

​​ Set thresholds for Magic WAN site health

You can set Magic Tunnel health alerts to receive alerts when the percentage of successful health checks for a Magic Tunnel drops below the selected service-level objective (SLO). Setting health alerts will also show unhealthy tunnels in the Overview map:

  1. Configure Magic Tunnel health alerts across all of the Magic Tunnels associated with each Magic WAN Site.
  2. After configuring Magic Tunnel health alerts, any Magic WAN Site with a Magic Tunnel that is outside of its SLO threshold will be labeled unhealthy in the Overview map.