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Cloudflare Load Balancing

Cloudflare Load Balancing allows you to distribute traffic across your servers, which reduces server strain and latency and improves the experience for end users.


Cloudflare Load Balancing provides several benefits:

  • Load balancing and failover: Distribute traffic evenly across your healthy servers, automatically failing over when a server is unhealthy or unresponsive.
  • Active health checks: Monitor your servers at configurable intervals and across multiple data centers to look for specific status codes, response text, and timeouts.
  • Intelligent routing: Choose whether to distribute requests based on server latency, a visitor’s geographic region, or even a visitor’s GPS coordinates.
  • Customized setup: Create custom rules (or reuse monitors and pools across multiple load balancers) to adjust routing according to the characteristics of each request.


Cloudflare Load Balancing is available as an add-on feature for any type of account. The exact number of load balancers, origin servers, and monitors depend on your plan type.

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