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Proximity steering

Proximity Steering routes visitors or internal services to the closest physical data center.

To use proximity steering on a load balancer, you first need to add GPS coordinates to each origin pool.

​​ When to add proximity steering

​​ How to add proximity steering

To add coordinates when creating or editing a pool:

  1. Click the Configure co-ordinates for Proximity Steering dropdown.
  2. Enter the latitude and longitude or drag a marker on the map.
  3. Select Save.

​​ EDNS Client Subnet (ECS) support

EDNS Client Subnet (ECS) is a DNS extension that enables a recursive DNS resolver to include the subnet of the user’s IP.

ECS support provides customers with more control over location-based steering during gray-clouded DNS resolutions and can be used for proximity or geo (country) steering.

Customers can configure their load balancer using the location_strategy parameter, which includes the properties prefer_ecs and mode.

prefer_ecs determines whether the ECS GeoIP should be preferred as the authoritative location.

"always"Always prefers ECS.
"never"Never prefers ECS.
"proximity"Prefers ECS only when steering_policy="proximity".
"geo"Prefers ECS only when steering_policy="geo".

mode determines the authoritative location when ECS is not preferred, does not exist in the request, or its GeoIP lookup is unsuccessful.

"pop"Uses the Cloudflare PoP location.
"resolver_ip"Uses the DNS resolver GeoIP location. If the GeoIP lookup is unsuccessful, it uses the Cloudflare PoP location.