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Load Balancing
Load Balancing
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Adaptive routing

Adaptive routing controls features that modify the routing of requests to pools and origins in response to dynamic conditions, such as during the interval between active health monitoring requests. Zero-downtime failover will trigger a single retry only if there is another healthy origin in the origin pool and a 521, 522, or 523 error code is occuring. No other error codes will trigger a zero-downtime failover operation.

​​ Failover across pools

When there are no healthy origin servers in the same pool, failover across pools extend the zero-downtime failover of requests to healthy origin servers in alternate pools according to the failover order defined by traffic and origin steering.

​​ Enable failover across pools

  1. Log in to Cloudflare dashboard and select your account and domain.
  2. Select Traffic > Load Balancing.
  3. Navigate to your Load Balancers and select Edit.
  4. From Adaptive Routing, enable Failover across pools.