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​​ 2024-05-24

​​ Increased configuration limits

You can now create up to 25 Hyperdrive configurations per account, up from the previous maximum of 10.

Refer to Limits to review the limits that apply to Hyperdrive.

​​ 2024-05-22

​​ Driver performance improvements

Compatibility improvements to how Hyperdrive interoperates with the popular Postgres.js driver have been released. These improvements allow queries made via Postgres.js to be correctly cached (when enabled) in Hyperdrive.

Developers who had previously set prepare: false can remove this configuration when establishing a new Postgres.js client instance.

Read the documentation on supported drivers to learn more about database driver interoperability with Hyperdrive.

​​ 2024-04-01

​​ Hyperdrive is now Generally Available

Hyperdrive is now Generally Available and ready for production applications.

Read the announcement blog to learn more about the Hyperdrive and the roadmap, including upcoming support for MySQL databases.

​​ 2024-03-19

​​ Improved local development configuration

Hyperdrive now supports a WRANGLER_HYPERDRIVE_LOCAL_CONNECTION_STRING_<BINDING_NAME> environmental variable for configuring local development to use a test/non-production database, in addition to the localConnectionString configuration in wrangler.toml.

Refer to Local development for instructions on how to configure Hyperdrive locally.

​​ 2023-09-28

​​ Hyperdrive now available

Hyperdrive is now available in public beta to any developer with a Workers paid plan.

To start using Hyperdrive, visit the get started guide or read the announcement blog to learn more.