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Load Balancing
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A pool is a group of origin servers, with each origin identified by its IP address or hostname.

If you are familiar with DNS terminology, think of a pool as a “record set,” except Cloudflare only returns addresses that are considered healthy. You can attach health checks to individual pools for customized monitoring.


For an up-to-date list of pool properties, refer to Pool properties in our API documentation.

Create pools

For step-by-step guidance, refer to Create pools.

Per origin Host header override

When your application needs specialized routing (CNAME setup or custom hosts like Heroku), change the Host header used in health checks. For more details, refer to Override HTTP Host headers.

API commands

The Cloudflare API supports the following commands for pools. Examples are given for user-level endpoint but apply to the account-level endpoint as well.

Create PoolPOSTuser/load_balancers/pools
Delete PoolDELETEuser/load_balancers/pools/:identifier
List PoolsGETuser/load_balancers/pools
Pool DetailsGETuser/load_balancers/pools/:identifier
Pool Health DetailsGETuser/load_balancers/pools/:identifier/health
Update PoolPUTuser/load_balancers/pools/:identifier
Preview PoolPOSTuser/load_balancers/pools/:identifier/preview
List Pool ReferencesGETuser/load_balancers/pools/:identifier/references