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Load Balancing
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Load balancing analytics

Using load balancing analytics, you can:

  • Evaluate traffic flow.
  • Assess the health status of origin servers in your pools.
  • Review changes in pools and pool health over time.

Dashboard Analytics

Overview metrics

To view Overview metrics for your load balancer, go to Traffic > Load Balancing Analytics.

These metrics show the number of requests routed to specific pools within a load balancer, helping you:

  • Evaluate the effects of adding or removing a pool.
  • Decide when to create new origin pools.
  • Plan for peak traffic demands and future infrastructure needs.

Add additional filters for specific pools, times, regions, and origins.


Latency metrics show an interactive map, helping you identify regions with Unhealthy or Slow pools.

To view latency information for your load balancer, go to Traffic > Load Balancing Analytics > Latency.


Logs provide a history of all origin server status changes and how they affect your load balancing pools. Load Balancing only logs events that represent a status change for an origin, from healthy to unhealthy or vice versa.

To access logs in the dashboard, go to Traffic > Load Balancing Analytics. You can also access healthcheck logs using the API.

GraphQL Analytics

For more flexibility, get load balancing metrics directly from the GraphQL Analytics API.

Get started with a sample query:

Requests per pool

This query shows the number of requests each pool receives from each location in Cloudflare's global network.

Query{  viewer {    zones(filter: {zoneTag: "your Zone ID"}) {         loadBalancingRequestsAdaptiveGroups(             limit: 100,             filter: {                   datetime_geq: "2021-06-26T00:00:00Z",                 datetime_leq: "2021-06-26T03:00:00Z",                lbName:""            },            orderBy: [datetimeFifteenMinutes_DESC]         ) {          count          dimensions {            datetimeFifteenMinutes            coloCode            selectedPoolName        }      }    }  }}
Response (truncated){    "data": {        "viewer": {            "zones": [                {                    "loadBalancingRequestsAdaptiveGroups": [                        {                            "count": 4,                            "dimensions": {                                "coloCode": "IAD",                                "datetimeFifteenMinutes": "2021-06-26T00:45:00Z",                                "selectedPoolName": "us-east"                            }                        },                        ...                    ]                }            ]        }    }}
Requests per data center

This query shows the weighted, round-trip time measurement (avgRttMs) for individual requests from a specific data center (for example, Singapore or SIN) to each pool in a specific load balancer.

Query{  viewer {    zones(filter: {zoneTag: "your Zone ID"}) {         loadBalancingRequestsAdapative(             limit: 100,             filter: {                 datetime_geq: "2021-06-26T00:00:00Z",                 datetime_leq: "2021-06-26T03:00:00Z",                lbName:"",                coloCode: "SIN"            },            orderBy: [datetime_DESC]         ) {        selectedPoolName        pools {          poolName          healthy          healthCheckEnabled          avgRttMs        }      }    }  }}
Response (truncated){    "data": {        "viewer": {            "zones": [                {                    "loadBalancingRequestsAdaptive": [                        {                            "pools": [                                {                                    "avgRttMs": 67,                                    "healthCheckEnabled": 1,                                    "healthy": 1,                                    "poolName": "asia-ne"                                },                                {                                    "avgRttMs": 156,                                    "healthCheckEnabled": 1,                                    "healthy": 1,                                    "poolName": "us-east_and_asia-ne"                                },                                {                                    "avgRttMs": 237,                                    "healthCheckEnabled": 1,                                    "healthy": 1,                                    "poolName": "us-east"                                },                            ],                            "selectedPoolName": "asia-ne"                        },                    ...                    ]                }            ]        }    }}