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Durable Objects
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Durable Object location example

Create a Durable Object that keeps track of the location of Durable Objects.

// Worker
export default {
async fetch(request, env) {
return await handleRequest(request, env);
async function handleRequest(request, env) {
let id = env.LOCATION.idFromName("A");
let obj = env.LOCATION.get(id);
// Forward the request to the remote Durable Object.
let resp = await obj.fetch(request);
// Return the response to the client.
return new Response(await resp.text());
// Durable Object
export class Location {
constructor(state, env) {
this.state = state;
// Upon construction, you do not have a location to provide.
// This value will be updated as people access the Durable Object.
// When the Durable Object is evicted from memory, this will be reset.
this.location = null
// Handle HTTP requests from clients.
async fetch(request) {
let response = null
if (this.location == null) {
response = new String(`
This is the first request, you called the constructor, so this.location was null.
You will set this.location to be your city: (${}). Try reloading the page.`);
} else {
response = new String(`
The Durable Object was already loaded and running because it recently handled a request.
Previous Location: ${this.location}
New Location: ${}`);
// You set the new location to be the new city.
this.location =;
return new Response(response);