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Load Balancing
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Load Balancing actions


Actions tell Cloudflare how to handle HTTP requests that match a Load Balancing expression.

A single Load Balancing rule can include more than one action.

Supported Actions

This table lists the actions available for Load Balancing rules. For a walkthrough, see Creating Load Balancing rules.

Fixed responseRespond to the request with an HTTP status code and an optional message.
Pool selectionSelect the pool to receive the request. You can customize the logic for pool selection, including traffic steering method, available pools, fallback pool, and region.
RedirectRedirect the request to another URL.
ReturnStop processing Load Balancing rules and apply the current load balancing logic to the request.
Session affinitySet the session affinity for the request. You can customize cookie behavior, session time-to-live (TTL), and origin drain duration TTL.