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Load Balancing
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Load Balancing logs


Load Balancing logs provide a historical view of status changes to your origins and how those status changes affect pool health.

Load Balancing only logs events that represent a status change for an origin, from healthy to unhealthy or vice versa.


Health check event objects have the following properties:

Name / typeDescription / exampleConstraints

Integer identifier that uniquely represents the health check event.

Default value: 1

An array of objects representing the origin servers associated with the pool.



"name": "some-origin",

"address": "",

"ip": "",

"enabled": true,

"healthy": true,

"failure_reason": "No failures",

"changed": true



An object that represents the pool for which the health check event was generated.


"id": "74bc6a8b9b0dda3d651707a2928bad0c",

"name": "some-pool",

"healthy": true,

"changed": true,

"minimum_origins": 1


string (date-time)
The time at which the event was recorded


Accessing Load Balancing Logs from the Cloudflare dashboard

Load Balancing Logs are available from the Traffic app of the Cloudflare dashboard within the Load Balancing Analytics tab under the Logs submenu. You can filter the logs by Date, Pool Health, Pool, Origin Health, and/or Origin.

Click the expansion arrow at the far right of the event to expose more detail, including a list of healthy origins for the pool that was the subject of the event, the health threshold for that pool, Pool ID, and the origin address. Failure events include a reason for the failure and a list of failed origins.

Accessing Load Balancing Logs via the Cloudflare API


To list health check events, use the List Health Check Events API endpoint:

GET user/load_balancing_analytics/events

For a list of optional parameters, which are useful for filtering log results, see Cloudflare API v4 Documentation: Health Check Events.