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Durable Objects
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GraphQL analytics

Durable Object metrics are powered by GraphQL.

The data sets that include Durable Object metrics include durableObjectsInvocationsAdaptiveGroups, durableObjectsPeriodicGroups, durableObjectsStorageGroups, and durableObjectsSubrequestsAdaptiveGroups.

Use GraphQL Introspection to get information on the fields exposed by each data sets.

​​ Example GraphQL query for Durable Objects

viewer {
Replace with your account tag, the 32 hex character id visible at the beginning of any url
when logged in to or under "Account ID" on the sidebar of the Workers & Pages Overview
accounts(filter: {accountTag: "your account tag here"}) {
// Replace dates with a recent date
durableObjectsInvocationsAdaptiveGroups(filter: {date_gt: "2023-05-23"}, limit: 1000) {
sum {
// Any other fields found through introspection can be added here
durableObjectsPeriodicGroups(filter: {date_gt: "2023-05-23"}, limit: 1000) {
sum {
durableObjectsStorageGroups(filter: {date_gt: "2023-05-23"}, limit: 1000) {
max {

Refer to the Querying Workers Metrics tutorial for authentication and to learn more about querying Workers data sets.