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Cloudflare Developer Platform

  3 min read

The Cloudflare Developer Platform offers various services to empower developers to build full-stack applications, including: compute, storage, web development, image optimization, video streaming and AI.

It is important to note that the developer platform product offering is growing with new releases and features updates. To review a list of product documentation related to Cloudflare Developer Platform:

  1. Go to Cloudflare Docs.
  2. Select Product directory in the top menu.
  3. Select the Developer platform filter to view product documentation for Cloudflare Developer Platform products.

​​ Web development

Cloudflare Pages allows you to build full-stack applications at scale.

With Pages, you can deploy front-end applications using C3, Git integration or Direct Upload. Pages supports a large set of frameworks including Astro, Gatsby, Hugo, Next.js, Nuxt, React, Remix, and more.

​​ Compute

Cloudflare Workers

As you have learned in previous sections, Cloudflare Workers allow you to build and deploy serverless applications instantly across the globe. To explore what you can build with Workers, refer to Examples and Tutorials.

Email Routing

Cloudflare Email Routing allows you to create custom email addresses for your domain and route incoming emails to your preferred mailbox. If you already have a website, refer to Enable Email Routing to set up a custom email address for your site.

​​ Storage

Cloudflare storage offerings differ per use case.

Use-caseProductIdeal for
Key-value storageWorkers KVConfiguration data, service routing metadata, personalization (A/B testing)
Object storageR2User-facing web assets, images, machine learning and training datasets, analytics datasets, log and event data.
SQL databaseD1Relational data, including user profiles, product listings and orders, and/or customer data.
Time-series metricsAnalytics EngineWrite and query high-cardinality time-series data, usage metrics, and service-level telemetry using Workers and/or SQL.
Global co-ordinationDurable ObjectsBuilding collaborative applications; global co-ordination across clients; strongly consistent, transactional storage.
Vector search (database)VectorizeStoring embeddings from AI models for semantic search and classification tasks.
Task processing & batchingQueuesBackground job processing (emails, notifications, APIs) and log processing/batching.
Connect to an existing databaseHyperdriveConnecting to an existing database in a cloud or on-prem.

For a detailed guide to choosing the correct storage option, refer to Choose a data or storage product.

​​ Image optimization and video streaming

Cloudflare Stream and Cloudflare Images deliver videos and pictures to your end-users without configuring or maintaining infrastructure.

​​ AI

Workers AI allow you to build and deploy AI applications that run machine learning models powered by serverless GPUs.

​​ Summary

You have learned:

  • More about what the Cloudflare Developer Platform offers.
  • The difference between compute, storage, application development, and AI products.

​​ Feedback

To improve this learning path, file an issue on GitHub.

​​ Community

Connect with the Cloudflare Developer Platform community on Discord to ask questions, share what you are building, and discuss the platform with other developers.