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Build applications with Cloudflare Workers (Learning Path)
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Get started

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​​ Get started

This section introduces key differences in command-line tools used to build with Workers. If you prefer to work in the Cloudflare dashboard rather than with a CLI, follow the dashboard instructions to get started.

The rest of this learning path provides you with necessary information to build with Workers successfully. Most features are available on both the Cloudflare dashboard and programmatically, unless otherwise stated.

​​ C3 and Wrangler

You will use two command-line tools when building with Workers: C3 and Wrangler. You will use C3 to create your Worker and Wrangler to develop, test, and deploy it.

C3 is a command-line tool designed to help you set up and deploy new applications to Cloudflare. C3 leverages officially developed templates for Workers and framework-specific setup guides to ensure each new application that you set up follows Cloudflare and any third-party best practices for deployment on the Cloudflare network.

When you install C3, it also installs Wrangler, a command-line tool for building with Cloudflare developer products. Wrangler allows you to perform commands to build with Workers as well as other developer product projects.

After you create your Worker, you can customize configuration via the wrangler.toml file or the Cloudflare dashboard. It is important to note that even though you can make changes to your Worker on the Cloudflare dashboard if you start building programmatically, wrangler.toml should remain the source of truth if you are using Wrangler.

You will put these concepts to use in the next section.

​​ Build your first Worker

Create your first Worker by following the Get started guide.

  • Explore Examples to experiment with ready-made Worker code.