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Workers concepts

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​​ Workers concepts

Cloudflare Workers allow you to build web functions and applications without configuring or maintaining infrastructure. Workers are deployed globally to over 300+ data centers around the world on Cloudflare’s global network.

Before you begin building with Workers, review the following reference material to understand how Workers works.

​​ Serverless computing

To understand the fundamentals of Workers technology, refer to these Cloudflare Learning Center articles on serverless computing, containers and serverless JavaScript.

​​ Workers

Explore Cloudflare Workers developer documentation by starting with How Workers works, and learn the difference between the Workers runtime versus traditional browsers and Node.js. If you are a Node.js user, review Node.js compatibility in the Workers documentation.

​​ The cache

Learn how Workers interacts with the Cloudflare cache by reading How the cache works.

​​ Developer Platform

Cloudflare Workers is part of the Cloudflare Developer Platform. You will explore this topic in module 5.

The Cloudflare blog offers updates and further insights to developers on the Cloudflare developer platform, which includes Workers. Explore some curated blog posts below on Workers speed, and scalability.