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Community projects

During D1’s alpha period, members of the Cloudflare developer community have made some valuable contributions to the D1 ecosystem. Below are some useful projects to use throughout development.

​​ Projects

​​ d1-orm

An Object Relational Mapping (ORM) is a way for you to query and manipulate data by using JavaScript. Created by a Cloudflare Discord Community Champion, the d1-orm seeks to provide a strictly typed experience while using D1.

​​ workers-qb

workers-qb is a zero-dependency query builder that provides a simple standardized interface while keeping the benefits and speed of using raw queries over a traditional ORM. While not intended to provide ORM-like functionality, workers-qb makes it easier to interact with your database from code for direct SQL access.

​​ d1-console

Instead of running the wrangler d1 execute command in your terminal every time you want to interact with your database, you can interact with D1 from within the d1-console. Created by a Discord Community Champion, this gives the benefit of executing multi-line queries, obtaining command history, and viewing a cleanly formatted table output.

​​ D1 adapter for Kysely

Kysely is a type-safe and autocompletion-friendly typescript SQL query builder. With this adapter you can interact with D1 with the familiar Kysely interface.

​​ Feedback

To report a bug or file feature requests for these community projects, create an issue directly on the project’s repository.