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Databases10 per account 1
Database size500 MB new storage subsystem - 100 MB (legacy alpha backend) 2
Time Travel duration (point-in-time recovery)30 days (Workers Paid) / 7 days (Free)
Maximum Time Travel restore operations10 restores per 10 minute (per database)
Queries per Worker invocation (see subrequest limits)50 (Bundled) / 1000 (Unbound)
Maximum database backups24 hours (backups are hourly) (alpha only)
Maximum number of columns per table100
Maximum number of rows per tableUnlimited (excluding per-database storage limits)
Maximum string, BLOB or table row size1,000,000 bytes (1MB)
Maximum SQL statement length100,000 bytes (100KB)
Maximum bound parameters per query100
Maximum arguments per SQL function32
Maximum characters (bytes) in a LIKE or GLOB pattern50 bytes

1 Request adjustments to limits that conflict with your project goals by contacting Cloudflare. To make a request, complete the Limit Increase Request Form, or speak to your account team. Note that not all limits can be increased.

2 This is an alpha-only limit, and we intend to increase this as D1 moves towards General Availability (GA).