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Databases50,000 (Workers Paid) / 10 (Free)
Maximum database size10 GB (Workers Paid) / 500 MB (Free)
Maximum storage per account250 GB (Workers Paid)1 / 5 GB (Free)
Time Travel duration (point-in-time recovery)30 days (Workers Paid) / 7 days (Free)
Maximum Time Travel restore operations10 restores per 10 minute (per database)
Queries per Worker invocation (read subrequest limits)50 (Bundled) / 1000 (Unbound)
Maximum number of columns per table100
Maximum number of rows per tableUnlimited (excluding per-database storage limits)
Maximum string, BLOB or table row size1,000,000 bytes (1 MB)
Maximum SQL statement length100,000 bytes (100 KB)
Maximum bound parameters per query100
Maximum arguments per SQL function32
Maximum characters (bytes) in a LIKE or GLOB pattern50 bytes
Maximum bindings per Workers scriptApproximately 5,000 2
Maximum SQL query duration30 seconds

1 The maximum storage per account can be increased by request on Workers Paid and Enterprise plans. See the guidance on limit increases on this page to request an increase.

2 A single Worker script can have up to 1 MB of script metadata. A binding is defined as a binding to a resource, such as a D1 database, KV namespace, environmental variable or secret. Each resource binding is approximately 150-bytes, however environmental variables and secrets are controlled by the size of the value you provide. Excluding environmental variables, you can bind up to ~5,000 D1 databases to a single Worker script.