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Query D1 from Remix

Query your D1 database from a Remix application.

Remix is a full-stack web framework that operates on both client and server. You can query your D1 database(s) easily from Remix with Remix’s data loading API with the useLoaderData hook.

To set up a new Remix site on Cloudflare Pages that can query D1:

  1. Refer to the Remix guide.
  2. Install the Cloudflare adapter within your Remix project: npm i @remix-run/cloudflare.
  3. Bind a D1 database to your Pages Function.
  4. Pass the --d1=BINDING_NAME flag when developing locally. BINDING_NAME should match what call in your code: for example, --d1=DB.

The following example shows you how to define a Remix loader that has a binding to a D1 database.

  • Bindings are passed through on the context.env parameter passed to a LoaderFunction.
  • If you configured a binding named DB, then you would access D1’s client API methods via context.env.DB.
import type { LoaderFunction } from "@remix-run/cloudflare";
import { json } from "@remix-run/cloudflare";
import { useLoaderData } from "@remix-run/react";
interface Env {
DB: D1Database;
export const loader: LoaderFunction = async ({ context, params }) => {
let env = context.env as Env;
let { results } = await env.DB.prepare("SELECT * FROM users LIMIT 5").all();
return json(results);
export default function Index() {
const results = useLoaderData<typeof loader>();
return (
<div style={{ fontFamily: "system-ui, sans-serif", lineHeight: "1.8" }}>
<h1>Welcome to Remix</h1>
A value from D1: