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Serving Private Images using Signed URL Tokens

If an image is marked to require a signed URL, it cannot be accessed without a token unless it is being requested for a Variant that is set to always allow public access.

To get started, get the default Key from your Images Dashboard:

Screenshot of the keys page on the Cloudflare Images dashboard

Next, use the key to generate an expiring tokenized URL. Here is an example Worker script that takes in a regular URL without a signed token and returns a tokenized URL that expires after 1 day:

const EXPIRATION = 60 * 60 * 24; // 1 day
const bufferToHex = (buffer) =>
[ Uint8Array(buffer)]
.map((x) => x.toString(16).padStart(2, "0"))
async function generateSignedUrl(url) {
// `url` is a full URL
// e.g.
const encoder = new TextEncoder();
const secretKeyData = encoder.encode(KEY);
const key = await crypto.subtle.importKey(
{ name: "HMAC", hash: "SHA-256" },
// Attach the expiration value to the `url`
const expiry = Math.floor( / 1000) + EXPIRATION;
url.searchParams.set("exp", expiry);
// `url` now looks like
const stringToSign = url.pathname + "?" + url.searchParams.toString();
// e.g. /cheeW4oKsx5ljh8e8BoL2A/bc27a117-9509-446b-8c69-c81bfeac0a01/mobile?exp=1631289275
// Generate the signature
const mac = await crypto.subtle.sign(
const sig = bufferToHex(new Uint8Array(mac).buffer);
// And attach it to the `url`
url.searchParams.set("sig", sig);
return new Response(url);
addEventListener("fetch", (event) => {
const url = new URL(event.request.url);
const imageDeliveryURL = new URL(
.replace("https:/", "")