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Image Resizing
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Integration with frameworks


Image Resizing can be used automatically with Next.js' next/image component. With a custom loader which applies Cloudflare Image Resizing, next/image will set an optimal width and quality for a given client.

import Image from "next/image";
const normalizeSrc = (src) => {  return src[0] === "/" ? src.slice(1) : src;};
const cloudflareLoader = ({ src, width, quality }) => {  const params = [`width=${width}`];  if (quality) {    params.push(`quality=${quality}`);  }  const paramsString = params.join(",");  return `/cdn-cgi/image/${paramsString}/${normalizeSrc(src)}`;};
const MyImage = (props) => {  return (    <Image      loader={cloudflareLoader}      src="/me.png"      alt="Picture of the author"      width={500}      height={500}    />  );};