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D1 allows you to capture exceptions and log errors returned when querying a database. To debug D1, you will use the same tools available when debugging Workers.

​​ Handle errors

The D1 client API returns detailed error messages on the cause property within an Error object.

To ensure you are capturing the full error message, make sure to log or return e.cause.message, as follows:

try {
await db.exec("INSERTZ INTO my_table (name, employees) VALUES ()");
} catch (e: any) {
message: e.message,
cause: e.cause.message,
"message": "D1_EXEC_ERROR",
"cause": "Error in line 1: INSERTZ INTO my_table (name, employees) VALUES (): sql error: near \"INSERTZ\": syntax error in INSERTZ INTO my_table (name, employees) VALUES () at offset 0"

​​ View logs

View a stream of live logs from your Worker by using wrangler tail or via the Cloudflare dashboard.

​​ Report issues

You should include as much of the following in any bug report:

  • The ID of your database: use wrangler d1 list to match a database name to its ID.
  • The query, or queries, that you ran when you encountered an issue. Ensure you redact any personally identifying information (PII).
  • The Worker code that makes the query, including any calls to .bind() using the client API.
  • The full error text, including the content of error.cause.message.