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Bot Management

Cloudflare’s bot solutions identify and mitigate automated traffic to protect your site from bad bots.

As humans have become more reliant on the Internet, bots have become a force for good and bad. Some bots help us complete monotonous tasks at scale — for example, populating search engines by scraping the web for content. Without these bots, we would have no way to build many important tools and services. Unfortunately, other bots are positioned for abuse. These bots hoard inventory on ecommerce sites, break into user accounts with credential stuffing, and raise origin costs on your site. Large companies should always have a bot solution in place, and smaller companies and individuals should protect their sites as a best practice.

Roughly 40% of Internet traffic is now automated, and trends continue to show more diverse and sophisticated attacks. With Cloudflare’s suite of bot solutions, you can protect your site and view detailed analytics for your site’s traffic.