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Bot Management variables

Bot Management provides access to several new variables within the Firewall expression builder.

  • Bot Score: An integer between 1-99 that indicates Cloudflare’s level of certainty that a request comes from a bot.
  • Verified Bot: A boolean value that is true if the request comes from a good bot, like Google or Bing. Most customers choose to allow this traffic. For more details, see Traffic from known bots.
  • Serves Static Resource: An identifier that matches file extensions for many types of static resources. Use this variable if you send emails that retrieve static images.
  • ja3Hash: A JA3 Fingerprint helps you profile specific SSL/TLS clients across different destination IPs, Ports, and X509 certificates.
  • js_score: Customers should not use js_score when creating Bot Management firewall rules because it will always be blank.

These variables are also available as part of the object via Cloudflare Workers: