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Review the definitions for terms used across Cloudflare’s Bots documentation.

botA software application programmed to do tasks that can be used for good (chatbots, search engine crawlers) or for evil (inventory hoarding, credential stuffing).
bot scoreA score from 1 to 99 that indicates how likely that request came from a bot, in which 1 to 29 is likely automated and 30 to 99 is likely human.
bot tagsAdditional information about a bot request, such as why Cloudflare has given it a bot score and whether the request came from a verified bot or a category of verified bots.
Challenge Solve Rate (CSR)The percentage of issued challenges that were solved.
detection IDStatic rules that are used to detect predictable bot behavior with no overlap with human traffic.
JA3 fingerprintJA3 and JA4 fingerprints profile specific SSL/TLS clients across different destination IPs, Ports, and X509 certificates.
verified botBots that are transparent about who they are and what they do.