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Machine Learning Models

​​ Enable Auto-updates to the Machine Learning Models

Cloudflare allows Enterprise customers to enable Auto-updates to its Machine Learning models for the newest bot detection models as they are released.

To enable Auto-updates:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account and domain.
  2. Go to Security > Bots.
  3. Select Configure Bot Management.
  4. Enable Auto-updates to the Machine Learning Model.

​​ What will change

If you are on an older Machine Learning model, you will see a score change to requests scored by the Machine Learning source instantly. If you are already on the latest model, you will see changes only after a new Machine Learning model becomes the global default.

Customers will be notified via email and dashboard prior to a new Machine Learning model becoming the global default.

​​ Risks of not updating

By not updating to the latest version, you will be using a Machine Learning model no longer maintained or monitored by our engineering team. As Internet traffic changes and new trends evolve, scoring accuracy by older versions may degrade.

​​ Model versions and release notes

VersionRelease NotesLaunch Date
v1First Machine Learning Model released.Q1 2019
v2Introduced dynamic inter-request features to leverage the Cloudflare network to detect new bots more accurately.

Feedback other Bot Management detection mechanisms to the machine learning model to more accurately detect bots.
Q1 2020
v3Fixed accuracy issues under some conditions in the previous version.Q2 2020
v4Improved scoring for iOS devices.

Fixed scoring inaccuracy in Firefox builds.
Q1 2021
v5Recalibrated model for the removal of _cfduid cookie.

Introduced new signals to reduce false negatives.
Q2 2021
v6Significantly improved scoring for native Android application traffic.

Improved scoring on the newest versions of Chromium browsers.
Q1 2022
v7Increased recognition of distributed botnets.

Improved HTTP/3 scoring.
Q1 2024
v8Improved detection of residential proxies.

Increased weight on network level traffic characteristics.
Q2 2024