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A bot is a software application programmed to do certain tasks.

Bots can be used for good (chatbots, search engine crawlers) or for evil (inventory hoarding, credential stuffing).

​​ Verified bots

Cloudflare maintains an internal list of verified bots that are associated with search engine optimization (SEO), website monitoring, and more.

You can use this list to prevent any bot protection measures from impacting otherwise helpful bots, such as search crawlers.

For a partial list of verified bots, refer to Cloudflare Radar.

​​ AI bots

You can block artificial intelligence (AI) bots, crawlers, and scrapers from scraping your website content and training large language models (LLM) to recreate it without your permission. When you enable this feature, Cloudflare deploys a custom rule to detect and block AI bots from your website.

This feature is available on all Cloudflare plans.