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Support for IPv6-only networks

While network infrastructure is shifting towards IPv6-only networks, providers still need to support IPv4 addresses. Dual-stack networks are networks in which all nodes have both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity capabilities, and can therefore understand both IPv4 and IPv6 packets. supports DNS64, a mechanism that synthesizes AAAA records from A records when no AAAA records exist. DNS64 allows configuring a DNS resolver to synthesize IPv6 addresses from IPv4 answers.

​​ Configure DNS64

DNS64 is specifically for networks that already have NAT64 support. If you are a network operator who has NAT64, you can test our DNS64 support by updating it to the following IP addresses:


Some devices use separate fields for all eight parts of IPv6 addresses and cannot accept the :: IPv6 abbreviation syntax. For such fields enter:


​​ Test DNS64

After your configuration, visit an IPv4 only address to check if you can reach it. For example, you can visit

Visit to test if it can detect your IPv6 address. If you receive a 10/10, your IPv6 is configured correctly.