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Hugging Face Chat UI

Use Workers AI with Chat UI, an open-source chat interface offered by Hugging Face.

​​ Prerequisites

You will need the following:

​​ Setup

First, decide how to reference your Account ID and API token (either directly in your .env.local using the CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT_ID and CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN variables or in the endpoint configuration).

Then, follow the rest of the setup instructions in the Chat UI GitHub repository.

When setting up your models, specify the cloudflare endpoint.

"name" : "nousresearch/hermes-2-pro-mistral-7b",
"tokenizer": "nousresearch/hermes-2-pro-mistral-7b",
"parameters": {
"stop": ["<|im_end|>"]
"endpoints" : [
"type": "cloudflare",
// optionally specify these if not included in .env.local
"accountId": "your-account-id",
"apiToken": "your-api-token"

​​ Supported models

This template works with any text generation models that begin with the @hf parameter.