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Work with managed rulesets

Managed rulesets are preconfigured rulesets provided by Cloudflare that you can deploy. Only Cloudflare can modify these rulesets.

The rules in a managed ruleset have a default configuration. However, you can define overrides that change this default configuration.

Several Cloudflare products include managed rulesets:

Check each product’s documentation for details on the available managed rulesets.

​​ Get started

To view available managed rulesets, refer to View rulesets.

To deploy a managed ruleset to a phase, refer to Deploy a managed ruleset.

To adjust the behavior of a managed ruleset, do one of the following:

  • Customize the behavior of one or more rules by using overrides.
  • Skip one or more managed rules by adding exceptions.

Exceptions (only supported by the WAF) have priority over overrides.