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Explore Workers AI Models Using a Jupyter Notebook

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A handy way to explore all of the models available on Workers AI is to use a Jupyter Notebook.

You can download the Workers AI notebook or view the embedded notebook below.

​​ Explore the Workers AI API using Python

Workers AI allows you to run machine learning models, on the Cloudflare network, from your own code – whether that be from Workers, Pages, or anywhere via REST API.

This notebook will explore the Workers AI REST API using Python and the requests library.

import sys
!{sys.executable} -m pip install requests python-dotenv
Requirement already satisfied: requests in ./venv/lib/python3.12/site-packages (2.31.0)
Requirement already satisfied: python-dotenv in ./venv/lib/python3.12/site-packages (1.0.1)
Requirement already satisfied: charset-normalizer<4,>=2 in ./venv/lib/python3.12/site-packages (from requests) (3.3.2)
Requirement already satisfied: idna<4,>=2.5 in ./venv/lib/python3.12/site-packages (from requests) (3.6)
Requirement already satisfied: urllib3<3,>=1.21.1 in ./venv/lib/python3.12/site-packages (from requests) (2.1.0)
Requirement already satisfied: certifi>=2017.4.17 in ./venv/lib/python3.12/site-packages (from requests) (2023.11.17)
import os
from IPython.display import display, Image, Markdown, Audio
from getpass import getpass
import requests
%load_ext dotenv

​​ Configuring your environment

To use the API you’ll need your Cloudflare Account ID (head to Workers & Pages > Overview > Account details > Account ID) and a Workers AI enabled API Token.

If you want to add these files to your environment, you can create a new file named .env

if "CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN" in os.environ:
api_token = os.environ["CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN"]
api_token = getpass("Enter you Cloudflare API Token")
if "CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT_ID" in os.environ:
account_id = os.environ["CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT_ID"]
account_id = getpass("Enter your account id")

​​ Explore tasks available on the Workers AI Platform

​​ Text Generation

Explore all Text Generation Models

model = "@cf/meta/llama-3-8b-instruct"
response =
headers={"Authorization": f"Bearer {api_token}"},
json={"messages": [
{"role": "system", "content": "You are a productivity assistant for users of Jupyter notebooks for both Mac and Windows users. Respond in Markdown."},
{"role": "user", "content": "How do I use keyboard shortcuts to execute cells?"}
inference = response.json()

Great question! 😊

​​ Mac Users:

To execute cells using keyboard shortcuts on a Mac, you can use the following combinations:

Ctrl + EnterExecute the current cell.
Shift + EnterExecute the current cell and move to the next cell.
Cmd + EnterExecute the current cell and move to the next cell. (Only works in Jupyter Notebook 1.0 and later.)

​​ Windows Users:

On Windows, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to execute cells:

Ctrl + EnterExecute the current cell.
Shift + EnterExecute the current cell and move to the next cell.
Shift + Ctrl + EnterExecute the current cell and move to the next cell without leaving the cell.


  • You can also use the F5 key to execute the current cell on both Mac and Windows.

​​ Text to Image

Explore all Text to Image models

model = "@cf/stabilityai/stable-diffusion-xl-base-1.0"
response =
headers={"Authorization": f"Bearer {api_token}"},
json={"prompt": "A pencil drawing of an excited developer using an API"}


​​ Translations

Explore all Translation models

model = "@cf/meta/m2m100-1.2b"
response =
headers={"Authorization": f"Bearer {api_token}"},
"text": "Artificial intelligence is pretty impressive these days. What do you think?",
"source_lang": "english",
"target_lang": "spanish"
inference = response.json()
La inteligencia artificial es bastante impresionante en estos días. ¿Qué piensas?

​​ Text Classification

Explore all Text Classification models

model = "@cf/huggingface/distilbert-sst-2-int8"
response =
headers={"Authorization": f"Bearer {api_token}"},
json={"text": "This taco is delicious"}
inference = response.json()
[{'label': 'NEGATIVE', 'score': 0.00012679687642958015},
 {'label': 'POSITIVE', 'score': 0.999873161315918}]

​​ Automatic Speech Recognition

Explore all Speech Recognition models

model = "@cf/openai/whisper"
url = ""
audio = requests.get(url)
response =
headers={"Authorization": f"Bearer {api_token}"},
inference = response.json()

{'result': {'text': "Hello there, I'm making a recording for a Jupiter notebook. That's a Python notebook, Jupiter, J-U-P-Y-T-E-R. Not to be confused with the planet. Anyways, let me hear you. I'm gonna talk a little bit. I'm gonna make a little bit of noise. Say some hard words. I'm gonna say Kubernetes. I'm not actually even talking about Kubernetes. I just want to see if they can do Kubernetes. Anyway, this is a test of transcription and let's see how we're dead!",
  'word_count': 86,
  'words': [{'word': 'Hello',
    'start': 0.30000001192092896,
    'end': 0.7599999904632568},
   {'word': 'there,', 'start': 0.7599999904632568, 'end': 1.2799999713897705},
   {'word': "I'm", 'start': 1.2799999713897705, 'end': 1.5},
   {'word': 'making', 'start': 1.5, 'end': 1.7000000476837158},
   {'word': 'a', 'start': 1.7000000476837158, 'end': 1.8600000143051147},
   {'word': 'recording',
    'start': 1.8600000143051147,
    'end': 2.2799999713897705},
   {'word': 'for', 'start': 2.2799999713897705, 'end': 2.680000066757202},
   {'word': 'a', 'start': 2.680000066757202, 'end': 2.799999952316284},
   {'word': 'Jupiter', 'start': 2.799999952316284, 'end': 3.259999990463257},
   {'word': 'notebook.',
    'start': 3.259999990463257,
    'end': 3.6600000858306885},
   {'word': "That's", 'start': 3.6600000858306885, 'end': 4.300000190734863},
   {'word': 'a', 'start': 4.300000190734863, 'end': 4.380000114440918},
   {'word': 'Python', 'start': 4.380000114440918, 'end': 4.699999809265137},
   {'word': 'notebook,', 'start': 4.699999809265137, 'end': 5.480000019073486},
   {'word': 'Jupiter,', 'start': 5.480000019073486, 'end': 6.440000057220459},
   {'word': 'J', 'start': 6.440000057220459, 'end': 6.619999885559082},
   {'word': '-U', 'start': 6.619999885559082, 'end': 6.960000038146973},
   {'word': '-P', 'start': 6.960000038146973, 'end': 7.179999828338623},
   {'word': '-Y', 'start': 7.179999828338623, 'end': 7.460000038146973},
   {'word': '-T', 'start': 7.460000038146973, 'end': 7.739999771118164},
   {'word': '-E', 'start': 7.739999771118164, 'end': 7.940000057220459},
   {'word': '-R.', 'start': 7.940000057220459, 'end': 8.34000015258789},
   {'word': 'Not', 'start': 8.520000457763672, 'end': 8.899999618530273},
   {'word': 'to', 'start': 8.899999618530273, 'end': 9.34000015258789},
   {'word': 'be', 'start': 9.34000015258789, 'end': 9.4399995803833},
   {'word': 'confused', 'start': 9.4399995803833, 'end': 9.760000228881836},
   {'word': 'with', 'start': 9.760000228881836, 'end': 9.979999542236328},
   {'word': 'the', 'start': 9.979999542236328, 'end': 10.0600004196167},
   {'word': 'planet.', 'start': 10.0600004196167, 'end': 10.699999809265137},
   {'word': 'Anyways,', 'start': 10.699999809265137, 'end': 12.15999984741211},
   {'word': 'let', 'start': 12.15999984741211, 'end': 12.4399995803833},
   {'word': 'me', 'start': 12.4399995803833, 'end': 12.539999961853027},
   {'word': 'hear', 'start': 12.539999961853027, 'end': 12.720000267028809},
   {'word': 'you.', 'start': 12.720000267028809, 'end': 12.819999694824219},
   {'word': "I'm", 'start': 12.819999694824219, 'end': 12.899999618530273},
   {'word': 'gonna', 'start': 12.899999618530273, 'end': 12.960000038146973},
   {'word': 'talk', 'start': 12.960000038146973, 'end': 13.140000343322754},
   {'word': 'a', 'start': 13.140000343322754, 'end': 13.279999732971191},
   {'word': 'little', 'start': 13.279999732971191, 'end': 13.399999618530273},
   {'word': 'bit.', 'start': 13.399999618530273, 'end': 13.579999923706055},
   {'word': "I'm", 'start': 13.579999923706055, 'end': 13.680000305175781},
   {'word': 'gonna', 'start': 13.680000305175781, 'end': 13.739999771118164},
   {'word': 'make', 'start': 13.739999771118164, 'end': 13.9399995803833},
   {'word': 'a', 'start': 13.9399995803833, 'end': 14.220000267028809},
   {'word': 'little', 'start': 14.220000267028809, 'end': 14.4399995803833},
   {'word': 'bit', 'start': 14.4399995803833, 'end': 14.619999885559082},
   {'word': 'of', 'start': 14.619999885559082, 'end': 14.720000267028809},
   {'word': 'noise.', 'start': 14.720000267028809, 'end': 15.479999542236328},
   {'word': 'Say', 'start': 15.479999542236328, 'end': 15.880000114440918},
   {'word': 'some', 'start': 15.880000114440918, 'end': 16.020000457763672},
   {'word': 'hard', 'start': 16.020000457763672, 'end': 16.200000762939453},
   {'word': 'words.', 'start': 16.200000762939453, 'end': 16.520000457763672},
   {'word': "I'm", 'start': 16.520000457763672, 'end': 16.65999984741211},
   {'word': 'gonna', 'start': 16.65999984741211, 'end': 16.739999771118164},
   {'word': 'say', 'start': 16.739999771118164, 'end': 16.920000076293945},
   {'word': 'Kubernetes.',
    'start': 16.920000076293945,
    'end': 17.540000915527344},
   {'word': "I'm", 'start': 17.540000915527344, 'end': 17.68000030517578},
   {'word': 'not', 'start': 17.68000030517578, 'end': 17.739999771118164},
   {'word': 'actually',
    'start': 17.739999771118164,
    'end': 18.020000457763672},
   {'word': 'even', 'start': 18.020000457763672, 'end': 18.200000762939453},
   {'word': 'talking', 'start': 18.200000762939453, 'end': 18.420000076293945},
   {'word': 'about', 'start': 18.420000076293945, 'end': 18.639999389648438},
   {'word': 'Kubernetes.',
    'start': 18.639999389648438,
    'end': 18.940000534057617},
   {'word': 'I', 'start': 18.940000534057617, 'end': 19.260000228881836},
   {'word': 'just', 'start': 19.260000228881836, 'end': 19.3799991607666},
   {'word': 'want', 'start': 19.3799991607666, 'end': 19.520000457763672},
   {'word': 'to', 'start': 19.520000457763672, 'end': 19.600000381469727},
   {'word': 'see', 'start': 19.600000381469727, 'end': 19.739999771118164},
   {'word': 'if', 'start': 19.739999771118164, 'end': 19.899999618530273},
   {'word': 'they', 'start': 19.899999618530273, 'end': 19.979999542236328},
   {'word': 'can', 'start': 19.979999542236328, 'end': 20.100000381469727},
   {'word': 'do', 'start': 20.100000381469727, 'end': 20.31999969482422},
   {'word': 'Kubernetes.',
    'start': 20.31999969482422,
    'end': 21.399999618530273},
   {'word': 'Anyway,', 'start': 21.5, 'end': 21.799999237060547},
   {'word': 'this', 'start': 21.799999237060547, 'end': 21.940000534057617},
   {'word': 'is', 'start': 21.940000534057617, 'end': 22.040000915527344},
   {'word': 'a', 'start': 22.040000915527344, 'end': 22.15999984741211},
   {'word': 'test', 'start': 22.15999984741211, 'end': 22.31999969482422},
   {'word': 'of', 'start': 22.31999969482422, 'end': 22.639999389648438},
   {'word': 'transcription',
    'start': 22.639999389648438,
    'end': 23.15999984741211},
   {'word': 'and', 'start': 23.15999984741211, 'end': 23.639999389648438},
   {'word': "let's", 'start': 23.639999389648438, 'end': 24.100000381469727},
   {'word': 'see', 'start': 24.100000381469727, 'end': 24.31999969482422},
   {'word': 'how', 'start': 24.31999969482422, 'end': 24.579999923706055},
   {'word': "we're", 'start': 24.579999923706055, 'end': 24.81999969482422},
   {'word': 'dead!', 'start': 24.81999969482422, 'end': 26.139999389648438}]},
 'success': True,
 'errors': [],
 'messages': []}

​​ Image Classification

Explore all Image Classification models

model = "@cf/microsoft/resnet-50"
url = ""
image_request = requests.get(url, allow_redirects=True)
display(Image(image_request.content, format="jpg"))
response =
headers={"Authorization": f"Bearer {api_token}"},
inference = response.json()


[{'label': 'BURRITO', 'score': 0.9999678134918213},
 {'label': 'GUACAMOLE', 'score': 8.532096217095386e-06},
 {'label': 'BAGEL', 'score': 4.704045295511605e-06},
 {'label': 'SPATULA', 'score': 4.0899126361182425e-06},
 {'label': 'POTPIE', 'score': 3.0937740120862145e-06}]