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Your Data and Workers AI

Cloudflare processes certain customer data in order to provide the Workers AI service, subject to our Privacy Policy and Self-Serve Subscription Agreement or Enterprise Subscription Agreement (as applicable).

Cloudflare neither creates nor trains the AI models made available on Workers AI. The models constitute Third-Party Services and may be subject to open source or other license terms that apply between you and the model provider. Be sure to review the license terms applicable to each model (if any).

Your inputs (e.g., text prompts, image submissions, audio files, etc.), outputs (e.g., generated text/images, translations, etc.), embeddings, and training data constitute Customer Content.

For Workers AI:

  • You own, and are responsible for, all of your Customer Content.
  • Cloudflare does not make your Customer Content available to any other Cloudflare customer.
  • Cloudflare does not use your Customer Content to (1) train any AI models made available on Workers AI or (2) improve any Cloudflare or third-party services, and would not do so unless we received your explicit consent.
  • Your Customer Content for Workers AI may be stored by Cloudflare if you specifically use a storage service (e.g., R2, KV, DO, Vectorize, etc.) in conjunction with Workers AI.