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Stream WordPress plugin

Upload videos to WordPress using the Stream WordPress plugin.

Before you begin, ensure Cloudflare Stream is enabled on your account and that you have a Cloudflare API key.

​​ Configure the Cloudflare Stream WordPress plugin

  1. Log in to your WordPress account.
  2. Download the Cloudflare Stream plugin.
  3. Expand the Settings menu from the navigation menu and select Cloudflare Stream.
  4. On the Cloudflare Stream settings page, enter your email, account ID, and API key.

​​ Upload video with Cloudflare Stream WordPress plugin

After configuring the Stream Plugin in WordPress, you can upload videos directly to Stream from WordPress.

To upload a video using the Stream plugin:

  1. Navigate to the Add New Post page in WordPress.
  2. Select the Add Block icon.
  3. Enter Stream in the search bar to search for the Cloudflare Stream Video plugin.
  4. Select Cloudflare Stream Video to add the Stream block to your post.
  5. Select Upload button to choose the video to upload.