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Upload via link

If you have videos stored in a cloud storage bucket, you can simply pass a HTTP link for the file. Stream will fetch the file and make it available for streaming.

By using webhooks you can receive a notification when the video is ready to be played or if it errors.

Make a HTTP request to the Stream API with the URL of the video.

curl \
-d '{"url":"","meta":{"name":"My First Stream Video"}}' \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \$ACCOUNT/stream/copy
"result": {
"uid": "4544715edbe00808d89aec0a3a765c40",
"thumbnail": "",
"thumbnailTimestampPct": 0,
"readyToStream": false,
"status": {
"state": "downloading"
"meta": {
"downloaded-from": "",
"name": "My First Stream Video"
"created": "2020-10-16T20:20:17.872170843Z",
"modified": "2020-10-16T20:20:17.872170843Z",
"size": 9032701,
"preview": "",
"allowedOrigins": [],
"requireSignedURLs": false,
"uploaded": "2020-10-16T20:20:17.872170843Z",
"uploadExpiry": null,
"maxSizeBytes": 0,
"maxDurationSeconds": 0,
"duration": -1,
"input": {
"width": -1,
"height": -1
"playback": {
"hls": "",
"dash": ""
"watermark": null
"success": true,
"errors": [],
"messages": []

Step 2: Poll the API or wait for a webhook

Because Stream must download and encode the video, the video might not be available for a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the length of your video. You should poll the Stream API until readyToStream is true, or use webhooks to be notified when a video is ready for streaming.

Step 3: View the video

The uid of the video can be used refer to the video after uploading and can be used to play it using the Stream video player .

If you’re using your own player or rendering the video in a mobile app, view information on using your own player .