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Bot signals

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As discussed previously, all requests to Cloudflare’s network pass through our bot detection engines.

Cloudflare uses this information to surface different signals to help you identify the true origin of a request.

​​ Bot score

A bot score is a score from 1 to 99 that indicates how likely that request came from a bot.

For example, a score of 1 means Cloudflare is quite certain the request was automated, while a score of 99 means Cloudflare is quite certain the request came from a human.

The following table groups these scores into general buckets.

Not computedBot scores of 0.
AutomatedBot scores of 1.
Likely automatedBot scores of 2 through 29.
Likely humanBot scores of 30 through 99.
Verified botNon-malicious automated traffic (used to power search engines and other applications).

​​ Bot tags

Bot Tags provide more detail about why Cloudflare assigned a bot score to a request.

The following values are examples of what may be present in the BotTags log field, but not an exhaustive list:

  • api
  • google
  • bing
  • googleAds
  • googleMedia
  • googleImageProxy
  • pinterest
  • newRelic
  • baidu
  • apple
  • yandex

​​ Detection IDs

Detection IDs are fields used to identify the specific detection that caused Cloudflare to identify traffic as bot traffic. If you are having an issue with one of our heuristics, this feature allows you to decide which heuristics to enforce on your zones with a default configuration.

​​ JA3 Fingerprint

A JA3 Fingerprint helps you profile specific SSL/TLS clients across different destination IPs, Ports, and X509 certificates.

​​ Verified bots

Cloudflare maintains an internal list of Verified Bots that are associated with search engine optimization (SEO), website monitoring, and more.

You can use this list to prevent any bot protection measures from impacting otherwise helpful bots, such as search crawlers.

For a partial list of verified bots, refer to Cloudflare Radar.

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