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Browser Rendering
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Wrangler is a command-line tool for building with Cloudflare developer products.

Use Wrangler to deploy projects that use the Workers Browser Rendering API.

​​ Install

To install Wrangler, refer to Install and Update Wrangler.

​​ Bindings

Bindings allow your Workers to interact with resources on the Cloudflare developer platform. A browser binding will provide your Worker with an authenticated endpoint to interact with a dedicated Chromium browser instance.

To deploy a Browser Rendering Worker, you must declare a browser binding in your Worker’s wrangler.toml configuration file.

# Top-level configuration
name = "browser-rendering"
main = "src/index.ts"
node_compat = true
workers_dev = true
browser = { binding = "MYBROWSER" }

After the binding is declared, access the DevTools endpoint using env.MYBROWSER in your Worker code:

const browser = await puppeteer.launch(env.MYBROWSER);