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Frequently Asked Questions

​​ How does Content-Security-Policy need to be configured for Turnstile?

The HTTP Content-Security-Policy response header allows website administrators to control resources the user agent is allowed to load for a given page.

For specifics regarding Turnstile, refer to the Content Security Policy.

​​ What is Visitor Solve Rate?

A full Turnstile Challenge Token Flow consists of a few things:

  • A challenge is rendered (issued).
  • A challenge is solved on the front end and a token is harvested (solved).
  • The token is passed to siteverify, and it is consumed (siteverified).

Visitor Solve Rate is the percentage of tokens that were solved but have not necessarily been siteverified compared to issued challenges.

​​ What is API Solve Rate?

API Solve Rate is the share of tokens that were siteverified compared to issued.

​​ What is the difference between action and cData?

Action can be used in analytics and is more limited in size. It should identify different pages in a website where a widget is used.

Action should not contain any personally identifiable information (PII) as this is placed into the analytics.

cData is not stored in our analytics. It can contain data that may vary by each challenge instance.

Both cData and action are returned by the siteverify API if a valid token is presented.

​​ Can a Turnstile token be used twice?

No, the siteverify API will only validate a token once. If a token has already been checked, the siteverify API will yield an error on subsequent verification attempts indicating that a token has already been consumed.

​​ How long is a Turnstile token valid for before it is rejected by siteverify?

A Turnstile token is valid for 300 seconds.

​​ What happens if the user takes longer than five minutes?

The Turnstile widget needs to be refreshed to generate a new token. This can be done using the turnstile.reset function.

​​ Why does a Turnstile token need to be verified using siteverify?

Turnstile is a front-end widget that creates a token which is cryptographically secured. However, the customer cannot check the validity of the token on their end.

To ensure that a token is not forged by an attacker or has not been consumed yet, the customer needs to check the validity of a token using Cloudflare’s siteverify API.

​​ Can the front end use siteverify?

The siteverify API must not be called by the front end as this may reveal the secretkey used to authenticate. An attacker may simply modify the front end to not perform the siteverify check at all, rendering Turnstile ineffective.

​​ Can I use Turnstile when developing locally?

Dummy sitekeys can be used from any domain, including on localhost.

Cloudflare recommends that sitekeys used in production do not allow local domains (localhost,, but users can choose to add local domains to the list of allowed domains.

Refer to Testing for more information.

​​ What is the length of a Turnstile token?

Currently, a Turnstile token can have up to 2048 characters.

​​ What is, and why does my application connect to this origin?

Turnstile is hosted under

​​ Can I use Turnstile to protect a React Native application?

We currently do not offer an easy and official way to embed Turnstile in a React Native application.

An HTML page rendered in a WebView can use Turnstile. The page must be loaded from a domain allowed to use the sitekey, either using uri or by specifying the html and baseUrl options.

​​ Are there sitekeys and secret keys that can be used for testing?

You can find special sitekeys to be used for testing in the testing section.

​​ Is there an API to create or manage Turnstile widgets?

Yes, you can refer to the Turnstile API documentation to manage your widgets.

​​ I am seeing a 401 error in your console during a Turnstile security check, is this a problem?

You can safely ignore the error. It is requesting a Private Access Token (PAT) that your device or browser does not support yet.

​​ How can I obtain the Ray ID or QR code for troubleshooting?

You will need to provide a Ray ID or QR code when debugging issues. The Ray ID is found at the end of the challenge page. You can obtain the QR code by clicking the success/failure/spinner logo on the widget four times.

​​ What if I encounter an endless challenge loop?

If you encounter an endless challenge loop, try disabling your browser extensions.

​​ What languages does Turnstile support?

Refer to the list of supported languages for more information.

​​ Does Turnstile conform to WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility standard?

Yes, Turnstile is WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliant.

​​ Can I use Turnstile on URI schemes such as file://?

No, Turnstile only works on http:// and https:// URI schemes. Other protocols such as file:// are not supported.

​​ Why do I see a challenge on my proxied hostnames?

If your hostname is proxied through Cloudflare, visitors may experience challenges on your webpages.

Cloudflare issues challenges through the Challenge Platform, which is the same underlying technology powering Turnstile.

In contrast to our Challenge page offerings, Turnstile allows you to run challenges anywhere on your site in a less-intrusive way without requiring the use of Cloudflare’s CDN.