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Download videos (Beta)

When you upload a video to Stream, it can be streamed using HLS/DASH. However, for certain use-cases (such as offline viewing), you may want to download the MP4. You can enable MP4 support on a per video basis by following the steps below:

  1. Enable MP4 support by making a POST request to the /downloads endpoint (example below)
  2. Save the MP4 URL provided by the response to the /downloads endpoint. This MP4 URL will become functional when the mp4 is ready (see step 3).
  3. Poll the /downloads endpoint until the status field is set to ready to inform you when the MP4 is available. You can now use the MP4 URL from step 2.

Generating downloadable MP4 files for a video

You can enable downloads for an uploaded video once it is ready to view by making an HTTP request to the /downloads endpoint.

To get notified when a video is ready to view, please see the webhook documentation.

The downloads API response will include all available download types for the video, the download URL for each type, and the processing status of the download file.

cURL example

curl -X POST \-H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \$ACCOUNT/stream/$VIDEOID/downloads

Example response

{  "result": {    "default": {      "status": "inprogress",      "url": "$VIDEOID/downloads/default.mp4",      "percentComplete": 75.0    }  },  "success": true,  "errors": [],  "messages": []}

You can view all available downloads for a video by making an GET HTTP request to the downloads API. The response for creating and fetching downloads are the same.

cURL example

curl -X GET \-H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \$ACCOUNT/stream/$VIDEOID/downloads

Example response

{  "result": {    "default": {      "status": "ready",      "url": "$VIDEOID/downloads/default.mp4",      "percentComplete": 100.0    }  },  "success": true,  "errors": [],  "messages": []}

Retrieving the downloads

The generated MP4 download files can be retrieved via the link in the download API response.

cURL example

curl -L$VIDEOID/downloads/default.mp4 > download.mp4

Securing video downloads

If your video is public, the mp4 will also be publicly accessible. If your video is private and requires a signed URL for viewing, the mp4 will not be publicly accessible. To access the mp4 for a private video, you can generate a signed URL just as you would for regular viewing with an additional flag called downloadable set to true.

Download links will not work for videos which already require signed URLs if the downloadable flag is not present in the token.

For more details about using signed URLs with videos, please see the documentation.

Example token payload

{    "sub": $VIDEOID,    "kid": $KEYID,    "exp": 1537460365,    "nbf": 1537453165,    "downloadable": true,    "accessRules": [      {        "type": "",        "action": "allow",        "country": [          "GB"        ]      },      {        "type": "any",        "action": "block"      }    ]  }