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Start a live stream

You can start a live stream using the Stream Dashboard or the API. After you subscribe to Stream, you can create Live Inputs and begin sending your live video to Cloudflare Stream using RTMPS.

Using the Dashboard

  1. To start a live stream using the Stream Dashboard, click the Live Inputs tab.

    Start a live stream by choosing the Live Inputs tab

  2. Next, click Create Live Input.

    Create a Live Input

  3. Give your Live Input a name and click Create Live Input.

    Give your Live Input a name

  4. Once you have created a Live Input, you can retrieve the RTMPS URL and Key.

    Your Live Input's RTMPS URL and key

Within seconds of you pushing your live stream to Cloudflare Stream, you should see the live video stream:

Your live video stream

Using the API

To start a live stream programmatically, make a POST request to the /live_inputs endpoint:

curl -X POST \ -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \$ACCOUNT/stream/live_inputs \--data '{"meta": {"name":"test stream 1"},"recording": { "mode": "automatic", "timeoutSeconds": 10 }}'
  • When the mode property is set to automatic, it means the live stream will be automatically available for viewing using HLS/DASH. In addition, the live stream will be automatically recorded for later replays.
  • The timeoutSeconds property specifies how long a live feed can be disconnected before it results in a new video being created.

A successful response will return information about the live input:

"uid": "f256e6ea9341d51eea64c9454659e576",
"rtmps": {
"url": "rtmps://",
"streamKey": "MTQ0MTcjM3MjI1NDE3ODIyNTI1MjYyMjE4NTI2ODI1NDcxMzUyMzcf256e6ea9351d51eea64c9454659e576"
"created": "2021-09-23T05:05:53.451415Z",
"modified": "2021-09-23T05:05:53.451415Z",
"meta": {
"name": "My Live Stream"
"status": null,
"live": {
"mode": "automatic",
"requireSignedURLs": false

Managing live inputs

You can update live inputs by making a PUT request:

curl -X PUT \ -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \$ACCOUNT/stream/live_inputs/:input_id \--data '{"meta": {"name":"test stream 1"},"recording": { "mode": "automatic", "timeoutSeconds": 10 }}'

Delete a live input by making a DELETE request:

curl -X DELETE \ -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \$ACCOUNT/stream/live_inputs/:input_id

Requirements and known limitations


  • Stream Live requires input GOP duration (keyframe interval) to be between 4 to 10 seconds.
  • Closed GOPs required. This means that if there are any B frames in the video, they should always refer to frames within the same GOP. This setting is default in most encoder software such as OBS.
  • Stream Live only supports H.264 video and AAC audio codecs as inputs. This requirement does not apply to inputs that are relayed to Stream Connect outputs.

Known limitations (will be solved in coming weeks without any changes required from you):

  • MP4 download from videos created from live streaming is not yet available.
  • Watermarks cannot yet be used with live videos.
  • The live videos feature does not yet work on older iOS versions: iOS 10, launched in 2016, and below.
  • GOP duration (keyframe interval) should be constant during a broadcast.
  • Hardware video encoding on Apple devices is not yet supported. When using encoder software such as OBS, x264 software encoding is required.