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Fetching per-video analytics

Cloudflare measures the following metrics for every video play:

totalTimeViewedMsTotal time viewed1000Time in milliseconds
totalImpressionsTotal views50Impressions

You can slice and dice your analytics by the following dimensions:

videoIdVideo ID40d67c87c6cd4b889a4fd57805225e85

You can also filter the data using the following operators:

OperatorNameURL Encoded
!=Does not equals!%3D
>Greater Than%3E
<Less Than%3C
>=Greater than or equal to%3E%3D
<=Less than or equal to%3C%3D

Filters can be combined using OR and AND boolean logic. AND takes precedence over OR in all the expressions. The OR operator is defined using a comma (,) or OR keyword surrounded by whitespace. The AND operator is defined using a semicolon (;) or AND keyword surrounded by whitespace.

Analytics request structure

  • metrics is one or more metrics (such as count) to compute
  • dimensions can be used to break down the data by given attributes
  • filters used to filter rows by one or more dimensions (see Filters section below)
  • sort is the sort order for the result set; sort fields must be included in METRICS or DIMENSIONS
  • to-timestamp is that end of time interval to query, defaults to current time
  • from-timestamp is that start of time interval to query, defaults to TO_TS - 6 hours
  • step is used to select time series resolution when using endpoint:
  • auto or omitted - selects time step most appropriate to time interval. Other time
    • year
    • quarter
    • month
    • week
    • day
    • hour

Example analytics query

curl "$ACCOUNT/stream/analytics/views?metrics=totalImpressions,totalTimeViewedMs&dimensions=videoId&filters=videoId==$VIDEOID&since=2018-01-01T16:57:00Z" \    -H "X-Auth-Email: $EMAIL" \    -H "X-Auth-Key: $APIKEY" \    -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Example analytics response

{  "result": {    "rows": 1,    "data": [      {        "dimensions": [          ""        ],        "metrics": [          7,          37663        ]      }    ],    "data_lag": 0,    "min": {      "totalImpressions": 7,      "totalTimeViewedMs": 37663    },    "max": {      "totalImpressions": 7,      "totalTimeViewedMs": 37663    },    "totals": {},    "query": {      "dimensions": [        "videoId"      ],      "metrics": [        "totalImpressions",        "totalTimeViewedMs"      ],      "filters": "videoId==$VIDEOID",      "since": "2018-10-10T13:02:00Z",      "until": "2018-11-27T20:10:00Z",      "limit": 10000    }  },  "success": true,  "errors": [],  "messages": []}
  • Analytics data is found in .data.metrics. We are reserving fields such as min and max for use in the future.
  • totalImpressions is the number of views on the video
  • totalTimedViewMs is the amount of time viewed in milliseconds
  • In this example, there are 7 totalImpressions and 37663 totalTimeViewedMs
"data": [      {        "dimensions": [          ""        ],        "metrics": [          7,          37663        ]      }    ],