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Cloudflare Stream

Serverless live and on-demand video streaming

Cloudflare Stream lets you or your end users upload, store, encode, and deliver live and on-demand video with one API, without configuring or maintaining infrastructure.

You can use Stream to build your own video features in websites and native apps, from simple playback to an entire video platform.

Cloudflare Stream runs on Cloudflare’s global cloud network in hundreds of cities worldwide.

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​​ Features

​​ Control access to video content

Restrict access to paid or authenticated content with signed URLs.

​​ Let your users upload their own videos

Let users in your app upload videos directly to Stream with a unique, one-time upload URL.

​​ Play video on any device

Play on-demand and live video on websites, in native iOS and Android apps, and dedicated streaming devices like Apple TV.

​​ Get detailed analytics

Understand and analyze which videos and live streams are viewed most and break down metrics on a per-creator basis.

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