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Bot Tags

Bot Tags provide more detail about why Cloudflare assigned a bot score to a request.

Use these tags to learn more about your bot traffic and better inform security settings.

Potential values

Once you enable Bot Tags, you can see more information about bot requests, such as whether a request came from a verified bot (like Bing) or a category of verified bot (like SearchEngine).

The following values may be present in the BotTags log field:

  • api
  • google
  • bing
  • googleAds
  • googleMedia
  • googleImageProxy
  • pinterest
  • newRelic
  • baidu
  • apple
  • yandex

Enable bot tags

To enable bot tags, include the BotTags log field when using our Logpush service.


Currently, Bot Tags are only available in log fields.

Future work will add more values and extend Bot Tags to other Cloudflare products.