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Super Bot Fight Mode (Business) Analytics

Business and Enterprise customers without Bot Management can use Bot Analytics to dynamically examine bot traffic. These dashboards offer less functionality than Bot Management for Enterprise but still help you understand bot traffic on your domain.

​​ Access

To use Bot Analytics, open the Cloudflare dashboard and select Security > Bots.

View Bot Analytics in the Cloudflare dashboard. For more details, keep reading.

​​ Features

For a full tour of Bot Analytics, see our blog post. At a high level, the tool includes:

  • Requests by traffic type: View your total domain traffic segmented vertically by traffic type. Keep an eye on automated and likely automated traffic.
  • Requests by detection source: Identify the most common detection engines used to score your traffic. Hover over a tooltip to learn more about each engine.
  • Top requests by attribute: View more detailed information on specific IP addresses and other characteristics.

Bot Analytics shows up to 72 hours of data at a time and can display data up to 30 days old. Bot Analytics displays data in real time in most cases.

Cloudflare uses adaptive bitrate technology to show sampled data — most customers will see a 1-10% sample depending on how much information they are trying to view. Tooltips on the page will display the current sample rate.

​​ Common uses

Business and Enterprise customers without Bot Management can use Bot Analytics to:

  • Understand bot traffic
  • Study recent attacks to find trends and detailed information
  • Learn more about Cloudflare’s detection engines with real data

For more details and granular control over bot traffic, consider upgrading to Bot Management for Enterprise.